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Posted in February 2023

Valentines Edition By Karen Allan


Home is where our heart is…


 There is an old saying that home is where our hearts are.  I couldn’t agree with this saying more. 

This now brings us to the questions of, how do we make someone else fall in love with your home.


Capturing the heart.....


If home truly is where the heart is, then surely falling in love with a new house is a feeling from within?  Is it similar to that moment you meet your newborn baby.  That instant love you feel that you just cant explain?  So how do we capture a buyers heart…… 


First Impressions......

First impressions are so important.  How well is the garden maintained as let’s face it, this is our very first impression of a property.  As a house viewer, our eye is looking at those fine details, those joinery and paint finishings.   Househunters are generally impressed when less work is required.


Atmosphere and ambiance......


For me this about warmth and scent.  If you have a fire, its best to light it.  If you have an empty home, invest in leaving the heating on for a couple of hours around times a viewing is likely to take place (ask you agent when they are likely to handle viewings so its cosy).  Candles are so helpful when creating an ambiance in the home.  I spend a small fortune on candles and tend to burn them all year round.  Try to stick with relaxing scents that are not so overpowering.  I smelt a cancel in the shop last weekend that almost made me drop it.  The scent was so strong it went right to the back on my head (in other words avoid apple pie).  Lighting is another way of creating a nice ambiance.  Open the curtains and blinds to let the natural light flow throughout.  Pop the lights and lamps on.  These small things give a sense of homeliness.


I truly believe there is a buyer out there for every property.  Its my job to help find you the right buyer, for the right price. 

If you would like help to get the best price for your home, lets meet up and have a chat.  

Love from

Karen & the team @ K Allan Properties